The SWMM Storm Drain Network module integrates the capabilities of the EPA-SWMM* Strom Drain model with RiverFlow2D model. This allows performing simulations of urban flooding with full and dynamic interaction of the surface runoff with the storm drain network routing. You can integrate existing pipe network  SWMM 5.1 projects with RiverFlow2D meshes developed to simulate rainfall, infiltration, flow along streets, considering weirs, gates, and other urban structures. The flow exchange can be in both directions including manhole overflows that bring inflow onto the surface water mesh, and inflow from the surface into the storm drain network. 

SWMM Module.png

SWMM Storm Drain Network Module capabilities:

    • Routing of external inflows through a drainage system network of pipes.

    • Handle networks of unlimited size

    • Use a wide variety of standard closed conduit shapes

    • Dynamic external flows inputs from surface runoff

    • Model various flow regimes, such as surcharging, and reverse flow

    • Storm sewer – Surface water runoff exchange


*EPA-SWMM is an open source model developed by the Environmental Protraction Agency of the United States of America.