RiverFlow2D model with the MD module offers unique tools to evaluate flood risk originating from sudden Dam and Tailings Dam Breaks. Selecting one out of 8 non-Newtonian rheological laws, the model can consider virtually all possible tailings ranging from relatively low-density high-water content fluids to granular materials.

RiverFlow2D MD has been thoroughly tested with real data end in actual tailings dam breaks worldwide. The numerical engine uses the same high accurate finite-volume method of the RiverFlow2D model, making it the most advanced and complete hyperconcentrated flexible mesh 2D model available today. 

What can you simulate with RiverFlow2D MD

  • Asses tailings runout distances and area of inundation

  • Determine times at which sensitive areas would be impacted 

  • Tailings depth and velocities 

  • Evaluate affected areas as a function of time resulting from a dam-break

  • Create hazard maps 

Why choosing RiverFlow2D MD for tailings dam assessments

  • Full two-dimensional equations on flexible meshes

  • Finite-volume numerical solution for exact mass and momentum conservation

  • Import any terrain elevation data files

  • Automatic generation of flexible mesh that can be adapted to any geometry and complex terrain

  • Internal Dam Breach component 

  • Initial dam surface conditions from raster or vector data

  • 8 rheological formulations including Bingham, Quadratic, Coulomb, Granular, etc.

  • Provides faster runtimes than any other model using GPU technology and Cloud Computing

  • Output animations and high-quality maps 

  • Fully integrated with QGIS GUI

  • Online training and technical support