RiverFlow2D for QGIS is now available! 

Hydronia LLC is a water resources engineering consulting firm specialized in advanced numerical model applications to simulate river flows, oil spills, sediment and pollutant transport. 

Our firm develops and distributes RiverFlow2D and OilFlow2D numerical models and may assist you in any hydraulic engineering project offering accurate and fast solutions from our highly qualified and experienced professional team.  


RiverFlow2D for QGIS provides all the tools necessary for generating the flexible mesh, integrating the RiverFlow2D components such as bridges, weirs, gates, culverts, Dam breach, etc., creating professional maps of 2D model results, building animations, all within the QGIS environment. More information.

New Modeling Tools for Mud and Debris Flow Simulations with RiverFlow2D: Simulating mud and debris flows requires estimating fluid properties such as viscosity and yield stress. These new tools available in RiverFlow2D Mud and Debris Flow 2D flexible mesh model will help users in selecting fluid properties based on well proven formulations used worldwide

RiverFlow2D Flood Simulation for Autodesk  InfraWorks: a collaborative effort between Autodesk and Hydronia. It is a limited technology that matches the simplicity of two-dimensional (2D) flood simulations together with an immersive 3D model.

Mud and Debris Flow and Sediment Transport modules in GPU versions: Faster than ever! These two new modules allow running erosion and deposition simulations up to 100x faster. Take advantage of our limited-time offer.



Numerical Modeling Services

Our suite of models: RiverFlow2D, RiverFlow2D GPU and OilFlow2D, are powerful two-dimensional flexible-mesh models that tackle the most demanding flooding and water pollution scenarios. 

  Consulting Services & Project Experience

With more than three decades of professional modeling experience, Hydronia Consultant Services assists independent professionals, consulting firms and government agencies to succeed in their hydraulic modeling projects.